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Precilube Service Solutions - is exclusively focused on offering specialized , well-engineered systems and Innovative solutions with “ Make in India “ and “ World Class “ products for various Industrial and Automotive companies for improvement in overall performance & Productivity.

hydraulic quick change couplings

Our offer covers a wide range of applications, including Agriculture, Construction Equipment, High Pressure and Industrial.

Samoa Group delivers fluids (Oil, Grease, Diesel) handling products and solutions to customers in sectors like Automotive, Manufacturing and Process industries, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Offshore, Aviation, Marine and Other industrial segments.

Penta Auto Equipments was established as a private limited company in the year 2001, to create a world‐class manufacturing facility capable of developing globally competent engineering products.

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Precilube Service Solutions is exclusively focused on offering specialised systems and innovative products for various machine, component & tool productivity improvement needs. Our company believes in creating value for you and your customers by offering world-class products, systems & solutions in latest technology for improvement in Machine performance & productivity.

  • Work closely with our customers.
  • Competence, Commitment, Consistency & Communication.
  • Reciprocating trust through open communication & fairness.
  • Emphasis application development & services.
  • Intense Business Focus on profit for sustenance & growth.
  • Develop & Apply new technology.

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3 Decades of experience, in this industry

The company is managed by highly professional & experienced Engineer, having knowledge of Industrial Engineering and Management for last 3 Decades.

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